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Five ways to make your home more comfortable in your later years

As your golden years approach, it is more important to make your home as comfortable as possible. When living in your home for any length of time, it can be easy to accumulate things that you don’t need and your living area can become quite cluttered and furniture can become less suitable than it was when first purchased.

It may be time to overhaul your home and make it more comfortable as you age so here are five ways to make your home more manageable in your golden years.


With advancing age, balance can become more of an issue and the probability of falls is increased so it is vital to remove the clutter from your home and ensure that there are no trailing cables that could be a hazard. Go through each room in your home and work out what you can get rid of and what you would like to put in storage to ensure that there is enough room to move freely around your home without injury.


If you find yourself in need of the use of a wheelchair, your home may feel unsuitable if you have stairs but there are many ways to utilise a wheelchair while living in a two storey home. Look into wheelchair lifts and install grab rails to various areas of your home to help you manoeuvre around more easily when using the toilet or bath. Your bathroom can often be modified to provide easy access to amenities so being in a wheelchair does not mean that you and your family home need to part.


Take a look at your bed. Often many back and joint problems can be down to poor posture and a sagging mattress on your bed. If your bed is in serious need of some tender loving care and you can afford a new mattress, try getting an orthopaedic mattress or a memory foam mattress that will cushion your joints and align the bones in your back and neck to improve your sleep. If a mattress is beyond your price range there are a range of mattress toppers to add proper support to any sagging mattress and your body will be glad you made the choice.


Improve the lighting in your home. Many falls are due to poor lighting causing objects to be tripped over more easily and so more adequate lighting should be added to your home so that obstacles can be negotiated and reduce the risk of accidents.


Many people find it more difficult to bear the cold as they reach their golden years so make sure that your boiler is serviced regularly and if the boiler is coming of age, you may want to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient boiler that will provide oodles of heat without the expensive energy bills. Try and make your home as energy efficient as you can and look into grants from the government to provide elderly citizens with funding towards getting a new boiler or insulation replaced.

These are just five ways to make your home more comfortable but make sure that you look around your home and you will find a great many ways to make life easier in your later years.


12 February 2017   Copyright Andrew Heenan    

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